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Why do you like historia? I’ve found her subplot to be actually incredibly forced and boring. Just curious

1. she had a good character development / personality turn and learned to open up about her feelings to others, even confide in those proven dangerous to the community (Ymir (aka soulmate) and Eren, where she said “you must be disappointed in me bc i’m actually like this as a real person” and straightfaced Eren went “no it’s cool you’re only human after all” like why can’t people accept her just as how Eren accepted her) in which in the recent chapters reveals as her true self, aka a simple human being who wishes to partake in none of this bullshit (which we could agree people irl would tend to do this as well)

2. she didn’t stay as the ‘pretty little innocent girl’ stereotype (in which was not her fault in her first place as this is considered a common irl experience where some people tend to be so kind, caring and soft spoken to others because they seek attention and respect, coming along with a good reputation)

3. never ever push aside a person/character’s past. she went through a rough patch where she never experienced affection and care, even when she tried, and her mother who she wanted to relate to was brutally slaughtered in front of her by human hands, and her father leaving her to fend for herself in the military, which was literally a signed contract to death. at this point i symphatize with her because she was taught to become someone pleasing in another person’s eye, which in all seriousness, is a relatable real life experience

4. she had to lie and become a completely different person in order to survive, which is a very typical move (as people irl do this as well jesus why do people hate her so much on her character and her decisions)

5. part of why i grew protective of her was that she was forced to claim the throne as she has royal blood and she was hesitant because for fuck’s sake she’s just a human being who wants to be accepted, not to be in control of immense power over everyone within the walls. she was even verbally and physically abused and eventually gave in and accepted the order from Levi.

6. and as to ‘why she doesn’t stick up for herself’ and ‘why can’t she fight for freedom and humanity’, because a) her body appearance is that she is small, frail and could be classified as weak - she can’t just be unnaturally strong and smart like Mikasa and Annie like wow way to force pressure on a girl who happens to have flaws just like everyone else, b) she did not lose anyone to titans, unlike Eren who lost his mother to one (which at this part we quickly understood that this fuelled his anger and need to avenge his mother and his friends), but she lost the only people that was blood related to humans (just like Mikasa’s parents who were brutally murdered, however she was taken in by Eren’s family and was given love and affection that Historia NEVER experienced) which leads to the fact that Historia doesn’t owe humanity anything. (even her current closest allies are two titan shifters for fuck’s sake)

i don’t know, i just learned to observe and symphatize Historia’s character in a real life point of view. Not everyone can be as dramatic and emotional as Eren who is still admired for his passion to fight titans, and acceptance for every single character’s specialties and flaws is very, VERY important for this anime/manga. I don’t see her sudden plot and character background reveal as something that was made up, as this whole series was a reflection of a lot of things in the first place. Maybe once SNK ACTUALLY finishes then we can conclude on everyone as a character.

Moral of this conversation: don’t be a dick and just learn to accept everyone.


Hey guys! ( ^  3  ^ )/)

Man I hate to be such a poot but today I got into some unexpected house rent trouble which had left me penniless and might drag on for the next few months, where I was just informed that I’ve paid to the WRONG person and I needed to pay my house rent to our NEWlandlord. Not only I am broke as heck, but our new house landlord is strict and demanded that I should still pay my house rent to her this month! 

Because of my scholarship, I am not allowed to work in the UK to gain extra money (it’s ridiculous, I know, something about “students need more studying time” ugh) and I am only given a small allowance each month that I could barely survive on (my house rent is like 4/5 of my allowance). I don’t rely on my family for financial support because they are also struggling on money, and until I get back to the UK, I can’t do anything to fix this problem and re-claim my rent money from the previous owner and I really, REALLY don’t want to lose my only affordable place to live at where I’m studying! orz why is it so hard to be a poor art student in a coincidentally rich-people-only city

So this is where I need your help - even if it’s just signal boosting, it’s fine! 

Here’s some basic info on the commishes:

  • They’re prices set for waist each
  • I can also do chibis (which can be full body for £8)
  • I’ll do anything except for gore or nsfw 
  • I’m more towards drawing/painting female characters so you’ll know what to expect
  • Please let me know if you want something else + other details 
  • I only accept GBP through Paypal
  • You can check out my art blog for more samples!!!
  • If you’d like to donate, you can do so through my Paypal (or my donate button on my blogs) - every little amount helps! ; v ; 

Thank you so much for checking this post out, and please help signal boost the heckie out of this! QuQ /cries at a corner now


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